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In December 2018, Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan (BPOM) ratified the 2D Barcode Track and Trace regulation, requiring Drugs containing certain ingredients to be uniquely serialized to prevent counterfeiting and promote better monitoring.

Several challenges arise from this regulation for stakeholders in the Pharmaceutical industry. From generating the unique serial numbers, making changes in their labels or packaging to accommodate the 2D Barcode, printing it, aggregate smaller packages to bigger ones (parent-child relationship), and to report the unique serial numbers and their aggregation to BPOM.

Our latest system has been installed in several Multinational Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, accommodating the whole BPOM requirement with a simple to use but powerful system, adapted to the Customer's existing Production Line and Business Process. 

The requirement for aggregation causes an additional step in the packing line therefore requiring more time to complete, but this disruption has been kept to a minimum by using modified hardware. 

Overall, our system enables the Customer to fulfill BPOM regulation with minimum hassle.

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