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Since its founding, PT. Rigeltama Sukses Mandiri has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. We offer Machine Vision, SCADA based applications, Serialization, Track & Trace, and Factory Automation services in general.


We have been offering Machine Vision Add-on and Turnkey solutions since our founding, and have been continously doing so until now. Backed by our Research Center, equipped with extensive Machine Vision equipments, we can solve applications that are impossible for others to solve. 

Being in the industry since 2012 and having diverse type of applications means that we now have a solution for most Machine Vision applications, and therefore able to replicate and offer those solutions with a competitive price to the customer.

Camera Lens


Another one of our key competence is developing SCADA based applications. Weighing Based on Recipe Systems, LOT Traceability, and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) systems are some example of what we can offer our customers to help them reduce waste and increase productivity.


Due to rising concerns about Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Goods counterfeiting, both from the Government and Private Sectors, stakeholders are now starting to use Track & Trace Solutions to fight against counterfeiting.

Being an expert in Machine Vision and SCADA Based Applications, we combine those expertise to develop our own Track & Trace solutions, customizable to our customers' workflow. 

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