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Helping to Combat Counterfeiting, One Serial Number at a Time

Due to rising concerns about Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Goods counterfeiting, both from the Government and Private Sectors, stakeholders are now starting to use Track & Trace Solutions to fight against counterfeiting.

Being an expert in Machine Vision and SCADA Based Applications, we combine those expertise to develop our own Track & Trace solutions, customizable to our customers' workflow. 

From Generating Unique Serial Numbers, Printing Barcodes, Reading and Decoding Barcodes, Aggregation, Status Changes and Updates, we got them all covered. 

Compliance with Perka Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan (BPOM) about Track & Trace, GS1 Standards, and even the Russian Federation's highly advanced Track & Trace System that incorporates Blockchain Technology is covered by us.

We also provide update and upgrade services for Track & Trace equipments, in case there are changes in the requirements for Track & Trace regulations. 

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